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Case Study: Achieving Streamlined Processes, Process Improvement & ISO Certification

Kelmac Group® worked in partnership with the Food and Beverage company [FBO] team and employed a number of initiatives to improve the firm’s competitiveness, operational controls and operational efficiency. This FBO is a Fortune 500 client is the leading provider of food and beverages globally.

  • What We DidStreamlined Processes & Process Improvement, Leadership Module, Risk Management Module plus ISO 9001,  FSCC 22000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 Certification Consulting

  • IndustryFood and Beverage

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The Project

The Challenge

At the time of project the FBO was facing several challenges.

The company wanted to align business goals with its core, support and management processes; adopt simplified processes and documentation; achieved mastery of processes with Process Owners; eliminate waste and achieve ISO certification in multiple disciplines, namely Quality (QMS/ISO 9001), Food Safety (FSSC 22000), Environment (ISO 14001), and Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001) & Laboratory (ISO/IEC 17025).

Brief Project Background

The FBO is global food and beverage company, with a turnover exceeding $104b. It is also a global leader in nutrition, health and wellness. The Kelmac Group® project focused on the leadership, process management, human resources, management system design, implementation and improvement across a number of plants and distribution centers. The program was sponsored by Corporate together and leadership across a number of FBO Divisions.  In the five years prior to the inception of the project, the company had experienced a number of changes in direction and structure. The company also sought an opportunity to invest in best practice and management techniques with the aspiration of managing its organic growth while also maintaining its focus on compliance and improvement.

Our Approach & Actions Taken

The Kelmac Group® worked in partnership with the FBO team and employed a number of initiatives to improve the firm’s competitiveness, operational controls and operational efficiency:

  • The Kelmac Group® put in place a Leadership module, delivered via Kelmac Group’s professional services delivery team aimed at engaging the plant and distribution center leadership team, so they understood their role and responsibility, the benefits and likely pitfalls associated with the compliance project prior to mobilizing the workforce
  • The Kelmac Group put in place a compliance risk management module, to assist the respective plants and distribution centers manage risk from a business, process and product perspective
  • Kelmac Group® employed its simplified process methodology to enable FBO staff to deliver continuous process improvements Designated individuals were trained to make process improvements, bettering the speed of processes and cutting their cost. Once the knowledge transfer was complete, FBO personnel were able to repeat the process improvement work independently. The simplified process management coaching contributed significantly to the project’s success in reducing lead?times and also underpins the sustainability of the project.
Tangible Client Benefits
  • Process performance improved by 35%. This is well ahead of the program’s December 2013 stretch target, a 15% improvement.
  • Project compliance has achieved a measurable improvement in productivity amongst FBO staff. This yielded an average productivity improvement of 12%
  • Environmental performance improved by on average 5%, energy consumption was reduced 10%; water consumption was reduced 5%; Green House Gas [GHG] emissions was reduced 3%; waste to landfill was eliminated in the plants who participated in the program
  • Occupational Health and Safety performance was improved 15% in terms of occupational safety accident and injuries and occupational health
  • ISO certification for all disciplines was achieved in each location within 11 months compared to the original cycle time of three years.  In addition, on average we achieved a 20% reduction in management system documentation per plant/distribution
  • A 12% increase in operational capacity has also allowed the FBO to provide additional focus on critical provisioning activities.

"The compliance program has been a complete success and has achieved our vision of further investing and improving performance with various manufacturing and distribution channels. The Kelmac Group consistently worked in partnership with our management team to deliver an excellent solution with very tangible benefits.

We now see the operation as lading edge showing clear evidence of operational best practice. Through individual program challenges our own internal team and Kelmac Group responded with both professionalism and commitment. As the project has evolved, the return for the effort put in on both sides has paid significant dividends.

I believe that by working together in partnership with Kelmac Group, we have met and exceeded the targets we set for the management system/improvement program. The way in which the solutions have been introduced now allows us to continue to seek and achieve further sustainable performance improvements within our operation."

QEHS Manager

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