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Bookings - Public/Open Training

On receiving your registration (email/phone), you confirm that you are accepting Kelmac Group's offer to attend one of our events and in doing so confirm you fully accept 100% of Kelmac Group's Terms and Conditions. As a result, your place is treated as confirmed on our training event.

A welcome email will be sent out with important details regarding the course event including venue and other important information.

At all times, Kelmac Group will provide a minimum 10 working days notice in the event that a course will not proceed. Although every effort is made to ensure all courses proceed and/or as much advance notice is given if course is postponed/cancelled. See cancellation/postponement below for more information.

Public Training Fees & Online Discounts

All public course fees are payable in full at the time of booking. If you wish to avail of a discount that is offered, that discount is offered for advanced purchase of the course at the time of booking and for confirmation you fully accept our terms and conditions. If you elect to pay by invoice, this may change the course fee as most discounts are offered on an advance purchase basis at the time of booking (via our website), however we do offer discounts for those wishing to pay by invoice, in line with certain booking periods in return for full acceptance of our terms and conditions including payment terms.

In all cases, payment for public/open training courses is required in advance of the event. Kelmac Group will not accept payment terms in excess of net 30 days maximum. Net 30 days is the maximum payment terms we will accept - provided that the 30 day term will see payment receipted at least 7 working days in advance of the training event start date. It is the responsibility of those either booking or coordinating the booking of a Learner (s) on one of our courses to ensure this is communicated and reflected in either the Purchase Order (PO) or payment terms applied to the booking.

Kelmac Group offer attractive discounts on our courses for advance purchase bookings - that means payment is received in full at the time of booking (via debit/credit card). We also offer discounts for those electing to pay by invoice, however these do vary and are subject to a signed training order form being received from an authorised signatory from the client organisation booking a place (s) on the course. A copy of this will be supplied on request or issued when the registration is received.

In house/Tailored Training Fees

It is Kelmac Group policy to issue a proposal or quotation for in house and/or tailored course requests. Where a proposal for an in house or tailored course has been accepted in writing by a client, a contract must be signed by an authorised signatory and returned to Kelmac Group accompanied by 50% of the course fee. The remaining balance plus any expenses (if charged) are billed separately (post-training) and are due within 30 working days from invoice date. For International Assignments outside of the UK/Ireland, 100% of delivery fees must be paid in advance in line with terms outlined and sufficiently well in advance of any scheduled travel to ensure planned delivery dates are not affected. As a guideline for international assignment, payment should be received in full by Kelmac Group a minimum of 21 days in advance of scheduled departure date.

Kelmac Group will endeavour to meet the clients preferred course delivery dates. Once dates for the training have been agreed between Kelmac Group and a client, the dates become firm and are not changeable unless by mutual consent. Requests to change the delivery dates for an in house and/or tailored course delivery within the 30 day period will be reviewed on a case by case basis, having given due consideration to Trainer schedules, the notice period given etc. Where Kelmac Group incurs costs or losses as a result of a change in delivery dates requested by a client or in the event of cancellation within the 30 day period, there will be cancellation or change fees due to Kelmac Group. Kelmac Group shall notify the client of Kelmac Group reserves the right not to accept the client change request, in the event client authorization for the additional costs are not acceptable to the client. In all such cases, the original course delivery dates shall be binding on both parties. Cancellations or date change requests in advance of 30 days incur no penalty. Cancellations or date change requests within 21-30 days would incure a 50% penalty, cancellations or date change requests within 21 days would incur a 100% penalty of fees due, unless otherwise agreed between the parties in writing.

Late Payment

Kelmac Group reserves the right to charge a late payment fee in the event training fees are not paid in line with Kelmac Group terms and conditions, unless otherwise agree by both parties. If Kelmac Group's terms and conditions are not met, Kelmac Group is entitled to cancel any discount offered and requested full fee payment for the course, plus late payment fees and/or any costs associated with chasing late payments. This may include debt collection or legal fees plus interest being charged on late payments.

Method of Payment

The preferred method of payment for public training is debit/credit card for online bookings.

We using 128-bit encrypted connection to protect any payments made on our website with SSL verified by GeoTrust.

For in-house/tailored training, payments by electronic funds transfer may be subject to bank charges.

When using the electronic funds transfer payment method, please ensure the fee submitted is net of charges.

Discount Policies

Kelmac Group offer an early booking booking discounts when a Learner books and pays online for a course at the time of booking (advanced purchase discount) - the value of the discount varies based on the principle of earlier you book, the less you pay as determined by 30 day advance purchase, 60 day advance purchase and 90 day advance purchase. In all cases, strict terms apply otherwise, the discount does not apply and failure to honour the payment terms may result in full fees being required. We also offer a multiple persons booking discount where if three or more persons book from the same organisation on the same event, a discount will apply. From time to time, Kelmac Group may offer additional promotions and special offers (in all cases, strict terms and conditions apply). Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions/queries regarding this policy.

It is Kelmac Group policy to offer our learning solutions at competitive prices. If there are more than 2 people from the same organization attending the same course please contact Kelmac Group or a Kelmac Group partner for a quotation and a discount may be applied.

Prior Learning Requirements

Where the Learner attends a CQI and IRCA certified training class and the learner is found to not meet the CQI and IRCA prior learning we reserve the right to issue the learner a CQI-IRCA attendance certificate as the learner does not fulfil the CQI and IRCA prior learning requirements.  We also reserve the right to withhold the CQI and IRCA royalty payment until such time as the learner provides objective and written proof of fulfilling the CQI and IRCA prior learning requirements.  After a twelve month time period has lapsed, we reserve the right to charge the learner a fee equivalent to the CQI and IRCA royalty fee for the additional administration time involved in processing a CQI and IRCA certificate of achievement to the learner.

Learner Substitutions

A substitute person may attend a class in place of an original Learner. There will be no charge if a substitute person wishes to replace the original Learner, subject to the substitute Learner details being provided to Kelmac Group a minimum of 10 working days in advance of a class start date. Kelmac Group reserves the right not to allow a substitute Learner on a class where prior knowledge is required and where the substitute Learner has not satisfactorily met any prior knowledge requirements.

Learner Transfers

A Learner may transfer to another class at no additional cost provided a minimum of 30 days notice has been provided to Kelmac Group in writing. All transfer requests less than 30 days will be considered on a case by case basis. However where the transfer request affects the viability of a class, Kelmac Group reserves the right to deny the request and the Learner will forfeit the training fee (when less than 30 days notice is provided). This policy does not affect the organization and/or Learner's right to nominate a substitute person to attend the class provided they satisfy the prior knowledge requirements for the course.

Course Status Confirmation Period

(Note: for Learners purchasing flights/hotels or making other associated arrangements):

Kelmac Group will confirm a course by category with the following notice periods:

Lead Auditor Courses - 15 days in advance

Internal Auditor Courses - 10 days in advance

Foundation/Specialised Courses - 7 days in advance

Kelmac Group accept no liability for any fees/costs associated with postponing, cancelling or making changes to our schedule. Learners are recommended to only consider purchasing any flights, hotels or other arrangements once the course status has been confirmed. Kelmac Group will confirm a course status as soon as we are in a position to do so however in providing open/public training, the status of courses may change subject circumstances such as insufficient registrations or cancellations received or extraordinary reasons. We will make every effort to promptly advise all affected by the change (those booked on the course) as soon as any changes may be made.

Cancellation Policy - Public Training Courses

For cancellation the following charges apply:

- Individual Learners canceling with 30 days or more notice will receive a full refund*.

- Cancellations within 30 days will forfeit the full training fee unless alternative arrangements are agreed by both the student and Kelmac Group (case by case basis)

- Individual learner's that fail to show for a course are not eligible for refunds or substitutions.

*Where a learner is requesting cancellation in advance of 30 days and where payment was made via card payment, 10% of the fee will be deducted for service charges & administration costs. The 10% fee will not be applied in addition to the 25% cancellation fee (if that applied to the registration).


The public schedule is subject to change without notice. In the event of cancellation, Kelmac Group will contact you to either offer you a full refund or place on an alternative course. All refunds will be issued by cheque or returned to the same card used for payment (for credit cards) within 15 working days.


Each course includes refreshments & lunch.

Location/Training Venue

A location is subject to change up to 14 days in advance of a class start date, but this is extremely rare and such a change would only be for circumstances outside of our control. Only 14 days in advance will a location/training venue be confirmed. All confirmed Learners will be issued notification in writing upon confirmation of a location/training venue for their chosen course.

Accommodation & Travel

Attendees are responsible for arrangements for their own travel. Kelmac Group do not accept any liability for accommodation and travel for a delegate in the event of cancellation or postponement.

Examination Resits

A person is entitled to resit an examination only once and this must be within 6 months from the original course finish date. Any person who is unsuccessful in the initial written examination can request examination feedback and support from Kelmac Group. Anyone wishing to resit and/or receive examination feedback and support must pay a fee of €150 EURO/$200 USD per person/resit payable to Kelmac Group in advance

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