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ISO 27001 Training | Certification Courses

ISO 27001 is the international standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) based largely upon the previously adopted BS 7799 used commonly since 1995 for managing information security. ISO 27001 provides the framework for a technology neutral, vendor-neutral management system that enables an organization to assure itself that its information security measures are effective. This includes the continued accessibility, confidentiality and integrity of its own information and that of its stakeholders as well as legal compliance.

Our ISO 27001 Training Courses

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What our Learners are Saying

When was the last time you enjoyed learning? The only thing our students enjoyed more than the team exercises was our leadtutors. We’ve learned early on that when our experts enjoy what they are doing, the students do as well. Try us out and you’ll see the Kelmac difference.

Would Recommend
Kelmac Group®.

  • "Intense training with daily individual and group exercises/ exams! Be as prepared as possible. Check tool access well in advance. "

    Claire Nihill | 21st June 2021
  • "Listen, learn, enjoy and take your own notes throughout the course."

    Sean Goulding | 10th May 2021
  • "NA"

    Alan Lim TS | 10th May 2021
  • "Overall, happy with the way how the course contents was being delivered."

    Geok Hoon Teh | 10th May 2021
  • "Na"

    Michelle Egan | 9th May 2021
  • "Some students are new to ISO 27k. Some basics should be covered."

    Danny Chan | 12nd April 2021
  • "alakmalak test"

    | 26th March 2021
  • "The intensive course will help guide you to become a more effective lead auditor"

    Mohd Yusuf Roazman | 3rd March 2021
  • "dev test"

    | 2nd March 2021
  • "Very detailed and interactive sessions."

    Subha Sankar Acharyya | 1st March 2021
  • "Very detailed and interactive sessions."

    Subha Sankar Acharyya | 1st March 2021
  • "This course is a great competence based training for Auditors. The results are noticeable by the end of the course as the learning objectives are achieved and applied to real life exercises. The vast expertise of the trainer made a difference and added huge value to the learning experience."

    Alberto BardajideQuixano | 18th January 2021
  • "comprehensive course on auditing, thank you!"

    Holger Fassbender | 8th January 2021
  • "The Training was very useful to understand the process of auditing. It is recommended to get familiar with the Standards of the Course in Advance. "

    Eva Schaeffer | 4th January 2021
  • "Very effective and challenging training days. Great Job."

    Stefan Plank | 18th December 2020
  • "Wow Impact course"

    Yasser Nazir | 7th July 2020
  • "Wow Impact course"

    Yasser Nazir | 7th July 2020
  • "The course has lots of group activities which make learning the objectives much easier. "

    Timothy Guy | 4th July 2020
  • "Kelmac have taken difficult and complex material and tied it back to real life situations and presented a clear picture of how the ISO certiciation can help your business beyond the certificate on the wall. "

    Patrick Walsh | 25th September 2015

The Benefits of ISO 27001

  • Customer satisfaction by giving confidence that their personal information is protected and confidentiality upheld Business continuity through management of risk, legal compliance and vigilance of future security issues and concerns
  • Legal compliance by understanding how statutory and regulatory requirements impact the organization and its customers
  • Improved risk management through a systematic framework for ensuring customer records, financial information and intellectual property are protected from loss, theft and damage
  • Proven business credentials through independent verification against recognized standards
  • Ability to win more business particularly where procurement specifications require certification as a condition to supply

Others train followers. We train leaders.™

Kelmac Group® specialise in Conformity & Compliance learning for Executive Management, Practitioners & Auditors. “The Ultimate Learning Experience”

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The quality of our Instructors is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients. Our people have real world practical experience and inspire confidence with Learners.

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We offer the lowest and most sutainable system maintenance costs.

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We are one of the few to objectively focus on and measure individual competency before, during and post-delivery. Many competitors make claims, we show results.

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Many training courses have a high focus on PowerPoint slides and information loading. We provide Learners the tools to grow, learn and become Leaders.

Leading Accreditations

No other training provider in Ireland has more training accreditations across a broader scope than Kelmac Group. Fact!

Worldwide Experience

Having worked in over 35 countries, we have experience that matters. A wealth of knowledge to share that is invaluable during training for those looking to learn from the best.

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We have a history of listening. A proven history of introducing many unique, world’s first offerings on the market including online & combined trainng courses.

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Unlike competitiors who ‘cherry pick’ testimonials, we publish student reviews of our training from every course that we run. This gives you real and honest feedback about us.