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What is a Business Process Management System?

“A Business Process Management System (BPMS) is a model and philosophy that facilitates the enterprise realize its full potential, aligning the delivery of enterprise-wide goals, processes, technologies and people, with the sole aim of making lasting improvements to their performance and realize their important goals”.

BPMS encompasses systems, technology, leadership, employees, customers and partners within and beyond the enterprise’s boundaries.

Relying on over 30 years of experience in the field and having worked with hundreds of clients in over 35 countries, Kelmac Group bring a weath of proven deep, broad experience to our clients.

Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) versus Stand-Alone or Integrated Management Systems

BPM is an enterprise-wide, structured approach to providing products and services that the enterprise customer's value most and are willing to pay for. It is grounded in the premise that you must operate a business model or framework and adopt a system/process view of the enterprise in order to understand what products and services your customer values most to derive maximum benefit to the enterprise. By understanding the key business process(s) the enterprise uses to meet these customer needs, the gap between customer expectations and the enterprise’s ability to perform begins to emerge.

Many enterprises adopt management systems, either a stand-alone management system, typically Quality Management based upon ISO 9001 or an integrated management system covering various management systems, ISO 14001 [Environment], OHSAS 18001 [OHSA], ISO/IEC 2001 [Information Security] etc. However superficial adoption and questionable verification of management systems has devalued the credibility and value of the management systems among many Executive Management Teams, Customers and other interested parties including ISO. The net result is the enterprise business model or system is not aligned with the management system and enterprise management dis-engage from the enterprise management system and focus only on the enterprise business model and system.

With the Kelmac Group® intelligent business process management solutions we start from the premise the starting point is a rigorous understanding of every client’s environmental context; stakeholder needs; enterprise business, product and process risk; and enterprise challenges. We then build or re-model the enterprise business process management system [BPMS] and align the design of the stand-alone or integrated management system with the strategic direction and goals of the enterprise.

The quality of our people is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients. For this reason, when you engage with the Kelmac Group® Consultant, you can be assured you are engaging with exceptional people, who have learned and developed a deep and broad business expertise. This is integral to our ability to help clients achieve their goals. What sets the Kelmac Group® Consultant apart is the passion they share for serving and delivering lasting improvements to the enterprise performance and realization of their important goals.

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Business Process Management System (BPMS) Benefits

The Kelmac Group® intelligent BPMS solutions improve the visibility and control of your business processes and helps the enterprise attain significant business growth and performance. As a result, they can help differentiate your business from the competition, deliver the right goods and services and meet the demands of your customers for consistency and convenience.

The Kelmac Group® intelligent business process management solutions help you:

  • Achieve scalable and significant business performance with visibility through continuous process monitoring and analytics
  • Accelerate task completion and Time-to-Value ROI through robust collaboration capabilities
  • Manage change confidently with intuitive governance
  • Deliver more meaningful customer engagements by automating business processes and displaying via mobile devices
  • Delivering significant improvements in cost, productivity, timeliness and quality
  • Transferring knowledge to ensure that individuals and teams achieve the necessary competence and autonomy to maintain and develop future capabilities
  • Discover a purpose that gives individuals passion and motivate individuals to optimize opportunities
  • Simplifying business processes to drive effectiveness, efficiencies and agility
  • Managing risks and meeting compliance regulations
  • Foster a culture of innovation and differentiation

Business Process Management System (BPMS) Steps

  • Research Study
  • Re-design and model
  • Implement
  • Monitor
  • Manage
  • Automate
  • Standardize and Sustain

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